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Scott McLeod
Don’t Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please?
Scott McLeod

Scott McLeod makes it perfectly clear in Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please? that handicapping our children by denying them the right to use technology as a tool in everyday life is what is happening in our schools.  I believe that McLeod is correct. Technology is a stead fast industry and is rather quickly taking off with our youth and people of all ages.  I think that people these days are scared of a good thing.  It seems as if they don’t want to prepare their children for the future. Parents always come back to “There are so many bad things on the internet.” such as cyber bullying and sexting. Really? I am pretty sure I learned about the “bad things” at the lunch table with peers in the cafeteria. Not the internet. I am also positive that with cyber bullying I could block that person and hey, at least I wouldn’t get punched in the face over the internet. If teachers and parents would come together and teach the student how to use the internet properly and show them tools that they can utilize the rest of their life. Why not?  Allowing access to the world through a click or even a touch of a button is an amazing thing. Why are we denying our future possible president that? Because we are scared that he or she may Google and connect with the world? Maybe it is because the parent or guardian or whomever is scared of technology themselves.  Possibly. They may not be ready to connect with the world and they also may be scared of change. They may be scared of what they find out for themselves. Because after all they were taught the ole “burp back way” as Dr. Strange would say. I honestly cannot come up with a solid answer to why not to use technology.  I mean the pros definitely outweigh the cons and let’s face it technology is not slowing down.

Just who is Scott McLeod?  Well, I shall Google him! (Way better than the dusty encyclopedias for those against technology in the classroom. Also, I don’t have to wait for my fellow student to get done with it! We can access our question at the same time!) Scott McLeod is an associate professor at Iowa State University. He is also a director for the nation’s only center dedicated to the technology needs of school administrators, CASTLE, which stands for Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education. McLeod also contributed to the YouTube video "Did You Know? 4.0" . Which if you have not watched I highly recommend! Scott also has his own blog called Dangerously Irrelevant. On his blog he posts his thought and shares his wisdom with people throughout the world.

iSchool initiative
Ischool Initiative 
By: Travis Allen

In this YouTube video, iSchool Initiative , Travis briefly discusses the pro's to schools providing every student with an "iSchool" device, which is basically like an iPod. The purpose of this "proposal" is to completely get rid of books, paper, pencils, and expensive tools needed for the classroom in such a way that fits in with the rapidly growing technology of the world. Students would still attend school but, participate through their personal iSchool apps such as email, world wiki, and formulae. This proposal would allow parents, teachers, and students to monitor the pupils work at any time. It would also lower our carbon foot print and schools can finally be "green".

I agree with Travis I believe in the long run this would be best for the pupils and the world. We can allow the student education through technology, which they already use on a daily basis. I believe that with this invention it is like we are integrating every subject with up to date technology which would leave the students with the abilities to connect collaboratively, socialize for English, and utilize the ability to search the World Wide Web for questions they may have on any subject. We as teachers are suppose to prepare our students for the future. Would this not be the best way?

Eric Whitacre's virtual choir

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir
By: Eric Whitacre

Eric Whitaker has taken YouTube and technology today and created a unique video. His video, Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir,  is an ensemble of 185 people singing Lux Aurumque! None of the performers have ever met but their voices were all brought together through technology and Eric Whitacre!  This goes to show we are advancing in ways 10 years ago we would have never thought possible.  A choir that had never performed together made a wonderful and beautiful performance.This performance was amazing! Who would have ever thought a choir directed through YouTube. Soon this could be a class. Even more reason for pupils and adults to familiarize themselves with technology. So once again I will say integrate technology into the schools. Academics and technology could better yet, should go hand in hand.

 dictionary definition of future
Teaching in the 21st Century
By:Kevin Roberts

I feel like the views expressed in this video,  should be taken very seriously and pondered on. The question “what does it mean to teach?” appears in this video. Many view this differently. Some may think teaching is repeating things and remembering them. Others believe that it consists of showing resources that are available to a person so that that person can use those to answer questions themselves.  That is why I believe it is so hard to accept technology into the classroom. Many think teaching consists of only Bloom's Taxonomy and nothing more. But, think about it how many things do we learn from technology that exceeds Bloom's?

Teachers should welcome technology into their classrooms because it offers a different level of learning to students. Technology allows students to ask any question they want without the fear of being stared at and ridiculed. It allows students to work at home on projects instead of only in class. Children no longer have to go to libraries and worry about checking books out. Children can explore, be creative, ponder, and get answers all at their fingertips. So I guess the big question now is why are you holding your kids back?

 child in rocket
Reading Rockets  

This website, Reading Rockets, has some pretty amazing things on it! I really liked the way it had the podcasts and videos allowing you to listen anytime via computer, iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Accessibility is one thing everyone is looking for these days. I also enjoyed the long lists of books and authors available. Also, once you clicked on books and authors it would take you to another page allowing you to narrow your search and find what you are looking for quicker. 

Through this website and its resources teaching children to read will be fun and at the same time intriguing. It allows many different ways of learning because as we know not all of us learn with the same strategy. Some may learn with hearing and seeing, at the same time others may be able to just hear something and get it. I believe allowing many different ways for the student will learn will be both motivational and useful

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