Sunday, February 12, 2012


Action Reaction balls

I was assigned Frank Noschese blog that is called Action-Reaction. My first post I commented on was called My Vision for a Physics iBook. In the post Frank discusses the thoughts and components he thinks would be wonderful aspects of an iBook. He discusses everything from Wolfram widgets, interactive labs, storage in the clouds, and built in cameras for analysis. At the end he asks “What’s your vision?”

I went on to discuss that he had nailed pretty much everything that would be great for an iBook except he forgot one thing, compatibility. Also, I addressed awareness about lack of Adobe. I mentioned how these are problems I encounter using my own personal iPad and that these could be potential problems.

The second post I commented on of Mr. Noschese’s was called Physics of Angry Birds lesson on CUNY-TV. This post was simply a video that showed Noschese and his students using the video game to explore Physics. He stated that he wanted to show his students that Physics is all around us.

I commented and told Mr. Noschese how I admired how he was a 21st century teacher. I went on to say that he did a wonderful job incorporating Angry Birds into Physics and how thrilled his students seemed to realize Physics really is all around us.

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