Sunday, July 3, 2011

Blog Assignment 10


Do You Teach Or Do You Educate?

This video shows the difference in being a teacher and an educator. The idea of information being put out in the open for someone to already know how to do it isn’t really the ideal method of teaching. Students aren’t always going to grasp the concept the first time it’s put out there. When I see the word educator I think of someone who would go that extra mile to make a lesson more than words in a book. I think the big difference that would decide if you just teach or if you educate would be the personality and the drive someone has. Anyone can read a book out loud to a student but when that student walks away in five minutes are they going to remember what the book was about?
There are a number of reasons I chose this major. I want a student to be able to say ten years down the road I was one of the people to make a difference in their life. I intend to educate rather than teach by first listening. I plan to listen to my students and get to know them. I plan to build a trust that will be unbreakable with them. Second I will vow to never stop learning. If I am going to education I will have to learn new things along the way just like a student will. Technology is the first thing that comes to my mind with that! I want to be able to connect with my students and make them excited to learn and to be at school.


Don't Let Them Take the Pencils Home

This blog I believe is about how many teachers always seem to find the problem rather than the solution. I think this blog can be a learning experience on how as a teacher you should always want to take that extra step for the students. Learning in a classroom will only go so far. I think this makes you wonder how many teachers don’t reach out to ask for help from parents. A student expects to learn or be taught at a school type environment, but when the lesson is sent home what happened from there? I don’t think using some form or technology over a good old fashion pen and paper is going to change test scores, maybe it is how a teacher presents the material. This was interesting to read because it’s not a straight forward type of post. You have to find the message within the post and it’s got a way of truly making you think about what would affect a students learning.


  1. Heather,
    I like how you said, "anyone can read a book out loud to student". I also thing that being an educator is more than just teaching a lesson to a classroom. I want to be there for my students, teach them life lessons, and motivate them to be great. It is easy to just throw a bunch a facts at them and tell them to memorize them, but making a different takes passion.

    In the article "Don't Take the Pencils Home" I didn't get the metaphor either. Although, I did feel like there was a message about low-income families and how they can be motivated to be there to help their children more in school. There are many parents that work late nights and just don't have them time, but this article mentioned that giving the students projects to do at home with their parents could help give them that time together. Great blog!

    Cinda Prescott