Monday, July 18, 2011

Blog Post 14


In my third attempt of going 24 consecutive hours without use of electronic entertainment or communications I have came to the conclusion that without these tools life would be slow and boring. After making that statement you yourself has probably came to the conclusion that I did not make the 24 hour mark. Your conclusion is correct.

In the first two hours I did an outstanding job of staying away from my beloved electronics. I cleaned the house completely. After that I found myself just sitting around doing nothing productive. I began to wonder what my friend Clarissa was doing that night. So as you might guess, I picked up the phone and dialed her number! The bad thing about this was I did not even realize what I was doing until after I had got on Facebook via IPhone to see if our friend Kyndal wanted to join us that evening. I exited the app and I told Clarissa well just call me when you get off work. Yes, that means when she called later that night I totally forgot about the “no electronics”! In the meantime between the end of our first conversation and the next I preceded “no electronics” attempt two.

Attempt two lasted a total of 5 hours. I was on roll I got in my vehicle and was just about to turn the radio up and caught myself. I rolled down the windows so that I could have some kind of noise while driving to Lonnie’s house, my fiancĂ©. I got there and we had a “work day” in the yard since hurricane season is coming up. We cut down some old trees that were dead, mowed the grass, and pretty much tidied everything up. We burned some old limbs we had cut and rearranged the yard furniture. Everything was going smoothly until… my phone rang. It was Clarissa calling. I answered with a “Hello” and she said “Hey” then the rest of the conversation consisted of “Oh my gosh! I did it again!” Giggles come from the other end of the phone and here I am explaining what I was attempting to do. We agree on a time and a place to meet and we end our phone conversation. After that I figured I better call everyone else and let them know we were having a get together and that they could no longer call me for the remainder of the day. After that I embarked on my attempt to master “no electronics” for 24 consecutive hours.

I began attempt three at about 9 o’clock p.m. I was still at Lonnie’s house and our friends began to show up. At this point in time I had turned my phone off and was determined I was not about to fail again. We sat around the table on the porch and started talking. We talked a good hour about random things. Then we decided to go in and play charades. We sit in the living room and play charades for two hours at least (by the way this turned out to be hilarious!). After two hours we end up back out on the porch and this is when I broke my vow of no electronics.

As we were sitting there Lonnie started telling a friend of ours, Arch, about the Doritos commercial that was played during the Super Bowl last year. Arch said he had never seen it and we all start talking about how funny it was. So my friend Kara pulls out her IPhone and searches for it on YouTube. We all gather around trying to watch the hilarious commercial. After watching it, and about five others, Clarissa brought it to my attention that I had yet again failed.

Strike Three
After sitting there discussing to the others what she was talking about everyone started leaving. On the way home I thought to myself man here I am not able to go one day without using some type of electronic device. And yet, with this on my conscious I am driving with my radio on "). I am continuing my 20 minute drive home, and yet it was not until I arrived at home, that I realized I had used three electronic devices in those 20 minutes. I walked inside my home turned on the TV and "facebooked" (here I go again using electronics) a friend of mine that is in the military.  As I lay in bed I think to myself what would this world be without electronics.

As a soon to be educator I start thinking of the many ways our students would be "handicapped" if we were not technologically advanced as we are today. I believe the students I teach will be more knowledgeable in technology than the students that were in my class the past year. What I mean is every year more and more advanced technology comes out. The children are becoming more and more exposed to it. Things change over time but, technology changes rapidly. That means what we use today in the classroom will be outdated next week.

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