Monday, July 11, 2011

Blog Post 12

the  world in a robotic hand
In this blog assignment you will watch the video Ellen Using Assistive Technology (5:29) and write your thoughts on how this video shows the difference between using technology as a learning tool rather than just for entertainment. Include how you would like to have your students’ one day use technology as a learning tool and why.  Also, include how you would still have the student use it as a form of entertainment while having them learn at the same time. Write two or more paragraphs following the requirements in Writing a Quality Blog Post.

In this video it makes the use of technology so much more than just being able to find the newest movies, music or games. The use of technology to be able to give a child a voice of their own is one of the best ways I think it could be utilized. After viewing this video it has opened my eyes to ways that technology has true power in communication (other than just Facebook and Skype). Many times when a kid hears the word computer they automatically think game, and I’m sure learning is not the first thing that would come to their mind. 
I think that as a teacher I would be able to make technology as an everyday tool in my classroom. I would want to make something like an interactive PowerPoint to have students feel as if they are playing a game. Making a simple everyday lesson into a game show to have to kids look forward to coming to class, would make students want to come and learn. I think it’s important to have kids use computers almost every day because so much of today’s work force uses them! I think that if technology is used correctly then it could be one of the best tools to have students learn with!

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  1. Even for kids not as afflicted as Ellen there are very powerful assistive technologies. the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone are example.

    Very interesting.