Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Final Project #16

Sean Whatley and I worked together to prepare a tutorial of essential tools on the SMARTnotebook. The tutorial showed me and Sean teaching viewers a basic “how to”. We started our presentation of by opening SMARTnotebook. From there we explained step by step how to use and access the available tools. Here is a basic outline of what was covered:
  • orient
  • toolbar adjustment
  • keyboard/ text
  • pens (regular, creative, and highlighters)
  • the eraser
  • shapes (shape recognition,making shapes, and lines)
  • grids
  • fill options (colors and page recording)
  • Inserting images (interactive images)
  • Shades
Through this project we were aiming for students and teachers to begin using the SMARTboard technology to its full potential not just as a “expensive white board”. I would consider this a great beginner tutorial for students and teachers. The possibilities are endless with this piece of technology. We hope you enjoy the tutorial and learn something new that you can use in the classroom (teacher or student)!

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  1. Looks like you two really know how to use a smart board!