Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blog Post 5

A world with ear phones

Benefits of Pod-casting in the Classroom

The facts on how much time someone spends on-line or texting shows how much technology is used every minute of everyday. This shows that even when a student is not able to make it to class they can still keep up with there fellow students. This video also shows the reactions from the parents when they are able to keep track of what there child is learning. It shows the difference in how a normal classroom setting differs from using a pod-cast to be about to show more interaction with the students. It also shows the excitement that the students show when they are able to interact with the lesson rather than being lectured.

                                                  The Educational Pod-cast Network

While watching a few of the different videos with the students the excitement that is played off from the students is incredible! The idea of not making a student feel as if they are just there to listen they are able to become part of the lesson. The idea of making a student feel as if they are able to learn a lesson at there own pace is a great tool! To be able to have a student use such a wonderful teaching technique is a great way to make the students feel more than just a kid in a classroom.

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While watching this I wish I would of had these tools when I was learning some of this stuff! These videos show me how to make sure if keeps the person listening interested and not cause the person with is listening to lose interested. It also made me think about how changing people who are talking a few times could be a little distracting but also have the element of surprise!

children pod-casting

                          What I have Learned That Will Help Me Be Successful in Pod-casting

After watching the provided material to prepare me for my pod-cast I have gain so much more understanding in what a pod-cast really is. The videos showed me a somewhat break down on why this is something that would be a good learning tool for me. It helped me decide on if there should be pictures, video, or music. It also made me think of the idea of if I do use music what kind would be entertaining but won't take away from the message! I look forward to taking all the information that I watched and read to better prepare myself for my pod-cast!


  1. Heather, I agree with you. After learning the benefits of using a podcast,I will definitely utilize it in my classroom. Like you said before, it's benefits the students because they get to actually participate in their lesson,rather than just listening and taking notes.By using podcast, the student is no longer passive, but active.

  2. PROOFREAD! Especially the last paragraph. Several mistakes.

    I am looking forward to your podcast. I hope you will make use of what you have learned from these exercises in your podcast.

  3. Yes! We want to let our students interact in the learning; it is much more enjoyable and memorable. Don't let this be the end of learning about podcasts- we're looking forward to a great podcast from you!