Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blog Post 3

SMART board

 A Vision of Students Today
By: Michael Wesch

This was produced by students for educators. The students have wrote down tons of facts about their college studies. The worst part is most of the facts are true. I have watched students on laptops do other things than class work and I have done it too. This video shows students are more likely to interact through some kind of technology rather than a teacher/classroom setting.

I believe students should have the option for all classes to be online or in a classroom. This movie did a very good job of capturing life as a college student. I share a lot of the same experiences in my days as a college student. I think I would add that I spend over $100 dollars a week on gas to get me back and forth to school.  I had to take out two loans to cover a semester of college because "someone" thinks my parents make to much money for me to go to school for free. I would also add a student that has been an A/B honor roll student their whole life and didn't get any grants or awards for school but yet a girl they know get's pregnant at a young age goes for free, when she feels like it. Are they awarding the wrong things?Just something to ponder on.

 It's Not About the Technology
By: Kelly Hines

Kelly states in her blog that all "teachers have to be learners". I agree 100 percent on this statement. In order to have technology in our classrooms and actually use it efficiently we have to learn how to do so. We have to take the time out to play with the technology and familarize our selves with it.

I also think a great way to learn how to use technology efficently is not just through coulleuges but through the students too. Students seem to know more about the tech world better than anyone else. Having students come up and demonstrate things on a SMART board would be a great way to observe and learn new techniques.

 Is it okay to be a Technologically Illiterate Teacher?
K arl Fisch

In this blog Karl made a point to say that in todays world teachers that are technologically illiterate are equivilant to teacher who were not able to read thirty years ago. I like this analogy. I believe every teacher should learn about technology how to incorporate in class presentations, lessons, etc.

 Gary Hayes' Social Media Count 
By: Gary Hayes

I knew the count was going to be high but wow! And to see this all happening right before your eyes is amazing. It makes me think when I get my degree does this mean facebook and twitter will be out dated with something more advanced.This also shows me new sites I may want to try out. For some reason when viewing this I also think we are saving a lot of trees by doing this technologically.

This also makes me think if I don't get technological literate I may be lost in the world. I need to keep up with what is going on because of my students. I need to know the most popular trend and ways to access/communicate with students. I could actually see in the  future kids not even coming to school. I see them being able to sit at home or where ever and being able to interact with others through technology. 

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  1. Line 2 "have wrote down" should be have written down or wrote down. Have wrote is incorrect.

    " parents make to much money..." In this sentence to should be too.

    Do all girls who get pregnant get to go to school free? That is very interesting. Where does the money come from?

    "I could actually see in the future kids not even coming to school. I see them being able to sit at home or where ever and being able to interact with others through technology. " A very real possibility.

    Work on your writing. It could be better. If you need help, let me know. We can get you help on writing if needed.