Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blog Post 13

E- media Fast

My e-media fast began Saturday April 28,2012. I was planning on going to Dixie Landing in Little River, Alabama where I would have no cell phone service. I thought this would be a great way to successfully perform the e-media fast. I thought to my self no cell phone no problem. Not!

As I am on the way to the Alabama River to catch a few catfish, my husband, Lonnie turns the radio on. I start to sing along and about half way through "Springsteen" by Eric Church I realize I had broken my fast. I decided it would be best to tell my husband what was going on so that he could help me through out the day. For the rest of the ride, about 30 minutes, we talked about the fast and tried to pass the time.

Pulling into Dixie Landing we were excited. A day on the river is just what we needed and we couldn't have asked for better weather. After a few good sized fish, that Lonnie caught,  I finally caught one. I turned to Lonnie, fish in my hand, threw him my phone and said "Take my picture! I got to show my mamma.". Lonnie , happy to see me finally catch one, took my picture. Finally, after moving my arms around as if I was an antenna, I got barley enough signal to send my picture to my mamma. After all the arm flaring and awkward positions ( holding one knee up with your arms in the shape of an "L" ) Lonnie decides to then inform me I had broken the fast. Again!

After blaming Lonnie for taking the picture in the first place, I then came to terms with the fact that I broke the fast and I was determined to not brake it again. It was about twelve o'[clock in the afternoon, I turned my phone off and I was set. I told Lonnie "No matter what I say do not take a picture, turn on the radio, etc.". I then continued to fish.

Dixie Landing

At about 7:00 pm we decided to call it a good day of fishing and head back to the landing. We made to the house a little after 8:45 pm. Just in time for True Blood season 4 re-runs to pop up on the screen of the TV. Yep, you read correctly! Again, I broke the fast.

I successfully completed roughly around 8 and a half hours of the media fast. I would have never thought I would not be able to go 24 hours without any electronic (powered by electricity or batteries) entertainment or communications device. I could only imagine how crazy and dull my life would be without media.

I consider myself tech literate. However, I also "considered" myself able to perform a media fast. I was a 1990's baby. I remember VHS, tape players, and my grandmother having a record player. I can look back and see how much the technology has changed over my short life of 21 going on 22 years. My students are going to remember DVD's and blu-ray. They are going to have few CD's and most will only know music via the radio, mp3, or iPod/ iPhone.

I believe that with me performing this fast that I have learned in this day and age technology is here and used frequently. More frequently than we think. My future students will have even more knowledge of technology than I do. But, when he/she comes to school they are expected to leave cell phones at home. They are taught what comes out of a book is all you have. Honestly, I Google everything via my iPhone that I want to know. Why take that away from our children? We are handicapping them. If they want to know who invented the red light or peanut butter who am I to say I don't know. Go home and look it up. The thing about that is by the time the student gets home he/she and I will have forgotten the question. Why not say "I don't know. Let's use our computers and find out class. The first one to find out gets half a point on the next test." Thus allowing students to explore and adds a little competition. I think the competition would be good for the class because the first person to find it could share with the class which search engine and etc that they used. Not only that but, I also believe the next time an uncommon question is asked the students may think I will offer that half a point again and go ahead and have the answer pulled up why I am talking. I like to think of it as I am striking a fire of curiosity, creativity, and knowledge.

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  1. " not brake it again...." break not brake

    Lesson learned!