Sunday, April 1, 2012

C4T #3

Heidi Siwak21st Century Classroom: the Amaryllis
Heidi Siwak

For my comment for teachers I was assigned Heidi Siwak’s blog entitled 21st Century Classroom: The Amaryllis. The first post I commented on was Becoming Curators: First Nations Inquiry. In this post Siwak discussed how she composed a Google doc and with this Google doc it allowed her students to not loose focus and to explore and learn on their own. Heidi goes on to discuss how “Today I put my grade 6 students through a simulation. We had a fabulous whole class discussion about exhibits and museum displays and what makes certain exhibits more engaging than others.I then divided them into groups. Each group was given a photocopied sheet of a particular element of First Nations culture: hunting, food, clothing, transportation, medicine …” .

I commented on this post expressing how wonderful I thought it was that she allowed students to create something from “scratch”, basically not giving the students many guidelines. Thus, allowing students to think freely and have many options as to how they want to go about doing the project. 

21st Century Classroom: The Amaryllis

The second post I commented on by Siwak was sort of a follow up to the first post I commented on. It was entitled Our Inquiry is Well Underway . In this post Siwak shared the many different ways students were keeping track of their projects such as google docs and graphs. Siwak also mentions that she offers help and ask questions when needed. Also, students are using computers, laptops, and soon iPad’s to do research and prepare their museum display.

In my comment to Siwak I mentioned how thrilling it was to read about the class exploring and learning. I also mentioned how exciting it must be to receive iPad’s for the class. I asked Siwak to keep posting on her blog and keep us updated on the students museum displays.

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