Sunday, April 29, 2012

C4T #4

pencils with writing 'About a Teacher'

Greta Sanders
About a Teacher

For my Comments for Teachers 4 I commented on Greta Sanders blog. The first post I commented on, Kids Motivating Other Kids to Blog, was a post Sanders wrote about how her year before students came into her classroom and struck the interest of her present students about blogging. I commented on how wonderful I think it was for her students to share with each other what they liked about blogging. I also commented that it was a wonderful thing that her present students were so curious about it. I asked Greta to simply keep their interest so that they too one day could share with others the wonderful experience of blogging.

In my second post to Greta I commented on a post about Believing in Our Students. I think that this was a very inspirational post. Greta talks about how students are commonly prejudged based on thoughts of other teachers. I commented and said that I agree. It happens all too often. I also mentioned how my class ( class of 2008) were commonly told we were one of the worst classes in years by all teachers. I also mentioned how we were often prejudged and teachers would often admit to allowing prejudgement themselves. I commented on a project Greta did allowing each student to create a puzzle piece expressing themselves and good things in their class. It also allowed students to bring to light things they felt the class should work on. Check out their amazing puzzle piece video below.

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